Although each Sunday is a little different...

You can always expect congregational singing, prayer, a  reading from the Bible, and a message/sermon aimed at helping us understand and apply God's Word.  We also provide a nursery and Kidzone for those looking for an age-appropriate Bible lesson for their children.  Our aim is to foster a warm, inviting atmosphere whenever and wherever we meet.  Our hope is to be genuine, as we are all on this journey together.  

How to give...

Thanks to Pushpay, online giving has become a fast, easy and secure way to support ministries like Hope Community Church.  The Bible clearly says that God honors those who give cheerfully, and not because they feel a compulsion to do so.  We believe each person should give (or not give) as they decide in their own heart, (see 2 Corinthians 9:6-7).  If He is leading you to give electronically, please use the Pushpay button above and follow the simple steps listed.  Thank you in advance for considering to support us!

Annual Community Events
  • Soccer Clinic
  • Easter Egg Hunt

Opportunities to serve:
  • Feed My Starving Children
  • Gi-Gi's Fall Fest    

Weekly Small Groups


Fall Retreats 

​​People meet us in various ways. 

Some join us occasionally for community events like our annual Egg Hunt, while others prefer weekly in-home meetings called "small groups". 

Most connect through our regular Sunday morning worship service, held weekly in the Keller Jr. High School cafeteria.  This service lasts a little over an hour, though many stay for refreshments after the service, to meet others and build friendships.  

How to connect and what to expect...